VeloMaps now offer the possibility to show 20m contourlines without buildings on PC/Mac/Linux

I updated the VeloMap compilation process to include an option to show 20m contourlines but no buildings. With gmapsupp.img downloads this has been possible now for over a year - however on your PC/Notebook you could only chose to have map without buildings and without contourlines.

Now there are the following choices for the VeloMaps:

  • Map without buildings and without contourlines
  • Map with 20m conturlines without buildings
  • Map with 20m contourliens including buidings
  • Map with 10m contourlines including buildings

Of course you can also install a separate buildings only map, 20m contourlines map and 10m contourlines map if you prefer to create your maps with Garmin MapInstall instead of using the gmapsupp.img downloads

VeloMap Installer Optionsfor 


For Linux - the corresponding mapset files are called mapsetxb* (while mapsetb are the buildings layer only).

I know the disadvantage of the separate buildings layer is that the buildinds are a transparent layer - this has the disadvantage that they are drawn above other objects. As I assume that about 50% of VeloMap users prefer a map without buildings - I put them in a separate layer for the VeloMap. People who want 10m contourlines (except maybe in very flat countries/areas) usually also want buildings so there is no 10m contourlines without buildings option. Each option increases the download sizes and compilation time - so the 4 options are really as much as I can reasonably offer.

For hiking and mountainbiking I think usually buildings are a great addition - so the OpenMTBMaps do not offer the separate buildings but always integrate them into the map.

The Europe continent Velomap from tomorrow will offer this too. Should there be any bugs with the installer - please drop me a message. But I hope I tested any eventuality (plus maps from yesterday or newer now have a bug removed in the "space required" amount which from time to time could show wrong value)


2 comments to VeloMaps now offer the possibility to show 20m contourlines without buildings on PC/Mac/Linux

  • ccburner

    Hallo Felix,
    ich habe die aktuelle VeloMap (27.06.22) mit der Option 20m contourlines and buildings installiert und per Basecamp/Mapinstall auf eine SD-Karte übertragen.
    Die Darstellung ist bei Basecamp und auf dem Oregon 700 korrekt. Auf dem Oregon 600 liegen die Gebäude über den Straßennamen und sonstigen Bezeichnungen und verdecken diese.
    Den gleichen Effekt hatte ich bereits mit der VeloMap vom 08.02.2022.
    Wie kann ich das ändern?
    Beste Grüße Axel

    • extremecarver

      Das ist der Nachteil dass die Gebäude in einem eigenen Layer sind. Da ich davon ausgehe dass 60-70% die Gebäude weglassen – geht es nicht besser auf den alten Geräten. Die neuren haben die Namen immer oberhalb von Flächen. Bei der OpenMTBMap ist das Problem nicht da – da dort die Gebäude nicht weggelassen werden können.

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