Quick Introduction to Josm and Potlatch and ID-Editor


First of all as written in the Parent Page (Participate) the relevant tags you should know as a Mtbiker in OSM are written here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mountainbike

If you're a beginner unsure about how to enter that data into OSM here is a quick help (for further help check OSM Potlatch / JOSM wiki.), Potlatch is the editor that you will see when you click on edit on openstreetmap.org, Josm offers much more functionality but is a bit more complicated and is a seperate program (requires Java Runtime):


Josm now includes mtb:scale in the presets for pathes and tracks. For incline and mtb:scale:uphill; mtb:description; mtb:scale:imba or others, you can add the keys and values by clicking on "add".
For keys that are not available on a preset you can either add a mtb preset from here: Josm Presets or directly entering the information by clicking on "ADD".
Josm Example:

Josm Properties Window


ID - editor

ID is the new default editor on openstreetmap.org. After a few years development it now actually got quite useful (though not as powerful as JOSM).

Heres a walkthrough with pictures:


The default layout is again only for beginners and  very confusing for anyone wanting to edit MTB stuff. So we click on "All Tags"

Potlatch Plus Button


and find a nice list with all the tags on the object. to add mtb:scale - just click on the "+" button.

Potlatch Plus Button


If you click on the "i" button - for many keys you get a direct link to the wiki to find out their meaning. This however is still a bit patchy and doesn't show all keys that are defined for OSM in the wiki.

Potlatch Plus Button


Very Important - if you add incline key in order to specify the direction of the way. Look at the tiny arrows on the way/line to know the direction.

Potlatch Plus Button



With '''Potlatch''' after selecting a way click at the bottom onto "Advanced"

Potlatch Plus Button

And then by clicking onto "Add" you can add any key you like plus the value.
Potlatch Keys and Values window

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