Windows/Linux – VeloMap Map Downloads

About the Maps - Please Read

Maps are available Worldwide. They are usually updated every Friday.


- Map Data

All maptiles are compiled with mkgmap using map data from openstreetmap.org & Contributors. You can use and edit the map data by visiting openstreetmap.org.

Thanks to Geofabrik for providing the map data snapshots which I use to create the maps.

Thanks to http://viewfinderpanoramas.org for the best DEM (contourlines) available on the net.

-- For Copyrights please see the Installer or if you unextract the installer see the file copyright.txt.



Programs to Display the VeloMap

Besides being shown on (nearly) all Garmin GPS devices - most People will use Garmin Basecamp (v3 or later) or Garmin Mapsource to show the maps on their Desktop and plan tours/trips.

For anyone on the good side of earth Openmtbmap.org maps are also correctly shown in  Qlandkarte_GT - QLandkarte_GT is compatible with all  big OS (Linux, MacOSx and well Windows too). Linux users can alternatively install Mapsource 6.13.6 in WINE. After unpacking you find instructions for Qlandkarte / Linux use in a .txt file (informations... .txt).

For Linux/Unix users there is also a script to unpack the maps, and automatically create a gmapsupp: https://github.com/btittelbach/openmtbmap_openvelomap_linux

Mapsource - I wouldn't use any version but 6.16.3.  Mapsource versions 6.14 to 6.15.6 are complete junk, if you use it, please update. Also note that Mapsource versions prior to 6.16.1 do not show all ways and pathes so they are not really usable. Mac OSx users please use Qlandkarte GT or convert maps and use Basecamp 3 or Roadtrip:  convert-maps-for-mac-os-x-roadtrip/

There are also maps directly convertet for Mac OSx - scroll down or click on: https://www.velomap.org/download/#velomap-premium-maps-download-in-mac-osx-format-gmap



Problems – Help – Tutorials

A Beginners Guide can be found here: get started with VeloMaps

Install Mapsource: tutorials/install-mapsource/

To install the maps, just run the .exe. (note you can unpack the .exe with 7zip)        

Send Maps to GPS with Mapsource: tutorials/send-maps-to-your-gps/mapsource/

I recommend to always send maps to an external data card and not internal memory. (this way if something goes wrong, or maps would be damaged you run less danger of wrecking your GPS).

Alternative: Use create_gmapsupp.img.bat or create_gmapsupp.img_with_mkgmap.bat and place the newly created gmapsupp.img into /garmin folder on your GPS. Address search cannot be included this way.

Send maps to GPS with mkgmap (for Unix users): tutorials/send-maps-to-your-gps/mkgmap/

You can also send maps to your GPS with QlandkarteGT

Mapsource Error / debug Mapsource: There is a problem with the MapSource registry. Please re-install Mapsoures and start again   Solve with Mapsource Fix Or with Mapset Toolkit

Please also read the FAQ



 Current Issues

- The address search is more or less working correctly now (problems related to OSM address data crazyness excluded). Some problems with Umlauts may happen though.

- General: Autorouting over (very) long distances on GPS works only with Via Points. If you plan your routes on a PC solve this issue with WinGDB: plan-routes/

- Autorouting needs attributes like tracktype, lanes, routes, smoothness, class:bicycle and others to work well. So keep care to enter those details into OSM. (not all are needed, but enough for me to guesstimate wheter a street is cyclefriendly/mtbriendly or not).

- Non Connected ways and overlapping ways without node, this is the main problem and a problem of the underlaying map data – please check here: http://keepright.ipax.at/report_map.php

Only check/enable: "allmost Junctions" , "intersections without junctions" as well as "overlapping ways". This helps you to quickly spot the erros. You can then follow the link to Potlatch (or also JOSM is integrated for JOSM users) and quickly correct mistakes!

Watch out not to connect ways that are not connected in reality (i.e. a way crosses another on a brigde, here no connecting node is the right solution).

- If you use Windows 2000 you need to install the "reg" command : Reg cmd at Microsoft if you want to run the batchfiles (.bat files). The Batches are incompatible to earlier Windows versions.

- Note sometimes sea is missing. This is not an issue, but currently not differently possible. It is usually a problem in OSM data.

Overlapping maps in border regions

While you can join maps of different countries, routing over the boundary is a bit shaky, and you will have one map overlaying the other with white background. As long as mkgmap cannot create randomly shaped overview maps (currently only rectangles), this problem is not solvable. There is however the possibility to download a Europe map, which will be updated every 4-6 weeks. Get Europe Map instead.



Velomap and Openmtbmap of the same Country -- Problems

If you install an openmtbmap and a VeloMap of the same country with contourlines as separate download (and Spain as well as Canary Islands), you should only send the contourlines once (meaning with either Openmtmbap or Velomap of the country). Else you GPS might not show the maps, or worse not even start until maps are deleted. There are several possibilities.

a) Install both maps without contourlines and contourlines separately (install separate contourlines only map option in installer). You have not trouble.

b) be careful here: Select the map as usual in Basecamp/Mapinstall, then go to the list of the selected tiles ready to be sent to the GPS, scroll down to the bottom, and unselect the contourlines only tiles from the list.

-- This is not a problem with countries where contourlines are fully integrated like Germany, Alps, Austria,......




 Notice on Updating Maps

Just run the velomap_country_setup.exe again.


Overlapping maps in border regions

While you can join maps of different countries, routing over the boundary is a bit shaky, and you will have one map overlaying the other with white background. As long as mkgmap cannot create randomly shaped overview maps (currently only rectangles), this problem is not solvable. There is however the possiblity to download a Europe map, which will be updated every 4-6 weeks. Get Europe Map here (donation needed): www.velomap.org/support/europe-map/



Map Downloads by GWDG


Maps are updated once weekly.

For some countries contourlines (height lines) are available as separate downloads – please scroll down to: contourlines. To unpack the contourlines you need 7zip or Winrar (no the downloads are not broken).

To install unzip and run "VeloMap_country_setup.exe", Qlandkarte GT users only need to unzip the .exe maps (7-zip lzma2 compresion e.g. with p7zip) and open the map via Qlandkarte GT (choose .tdb and osmmap*.img). Linux Users also look at this script to unpack/create gmapsupp.img - After unpacking you find instructions for Qlandkarte / Linux use in a .txt file (informations... .txt).

Note 1: older GPS (non touchscreen) run slower the more maps are inside memory. For 60CSx or Vista/Legend HCx I recommend to not use more than 2 GB of maps, else your GPS gets slow.

Note 2: Address Search should work more or less correctly now on all GPS and Garmin Software.


There are md5 checksums and filesizes now for every download. To access them simply change the download link.  Simply put a /md5_hashes in front of the filename - and add .txt to the filename. E.g. you will find the md5 .txt file for:

ftp://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/misc/openstreetmap/openmtbmap/odbl/velomap/veloalps.exe here:


or the same for premium downloads. E.g. for 

https://www.velomap.org/?s2member_file_download=odbl/nepal_contours.7z    here:



Additionally - for all Premium Downloads (except MacOSx contourlines) - you can find all update times in this file: www.velomap.org/?s2member_file_download=odbl/timestamps.txt



Map Legend

  • velomap - Legend for Mapsource/Qlandkarte_GT Installation
  • For the map legend in OSM format and the style-files, please look at the SVN (see FAQ)


Continents map downloads:


Africa map downloads - (contourlines separate except for Canary Islands):


Asia Map Downloads - (contourlines separate):


Australia-Oceania Premium map downloads:


North America Premium map downloads:


South America Premium map downloads:


Europe map downloads:

German Bundeslaender:

France - French DOM-TOM:


Contourlines Premium Downloads (v.2 october 2012)

Most countries, especially the popular ones, have the contourlines already integrated. However for several countries the contourlines are rather large (rule of thumb if contourlines have more data than the maps) and I integrate them, but you need to download them separately (once). The installer will ask for the contourlines file as soon as you activate the checkbox to integrate the contourlines in the installer. You do not need to extract the contourlines - this will be done by the installer (and is only needed once. On updates you don't need to redo it).

In general it is fine to only update the map, as I try to change the contourlines as seldom as possible.



Asia is additionally available in three parts. Interval is 25m and Contourlines are NOT integrated into the maps. You can still download them however:

And as for the Alps, there are also Asia Contourlines with 20m interval of the Himalayas

  • Himalaya.7z (630 MB)  - fully based on Viewfinderpanoramas.org data.





North America:

South America:


Change Layout and Contrast of the maps

On installation you can choose the layout of the maps. Traditional layout is for Qlandkarte GT, Mapsource and Basecamp and offers a good layout and design for big screens. On the GPS device velo.typ offers high contrast for best orientation while riding your bike or walking. For riding your roadbike, or commuting I have included the "racing bicycle" layout. The Racing Bicycle layout is heavily simplified, and focusses on the street network. Buildings or other distracting objects are not shown. Also most POI are not shown.

In order to change the layout - simply run velomap_country_change_layout.exe (this is also linked in your Start --> Programs Folder for each map). This also enables you to quickly change the layout before sending maps to your GPS device, and then quickly change it back for better planning on your desktop.


You can change .TYP-files - which are responsible for the layout, and therefore the map colours, to your liking by using http://www.maptk.dnsalias.com/ to adapt the .TYP files. Do not use  http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi because it is not fully compatible and may corrupt the .TYP file.



Velomap (and Openmtbmap) Premium maps download in Mac OSx format (gmap)

All Velomaps and Openmtbmaps are also available for download in gmap/gmapi Mac OSX format: you can get them here: https://www.velomap.org/download/macosx/




Please comment if you like theese maps or even better tell other people about them (forums, blog about it, twitter, etc…) In case maps break Mapsource or don't work – please write exactly which downloads don't work and the time of download as well as your OS and Mapsource version.. Please note, I will delete your comment without notice if it is explained here https://www.velomap.org/download/#problems-help-tutorials or in the FAQ


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  • Dominik Kegel

    hi, mexico is not central america! it’s a part of north-america … ;-))

  • Thoralf Krahl


    ich habe ein kleiner Problem mit dem Velomap Albanien. In Basecamp werden mir die Höhenlinien angezeigt, auf dem Navi (Garmin Oregon 450, Software 6.00) aber nicht. Woran liegt das?

    Bei den umliegenden Ländern (Kosovo, Montenegro) sehe ich die Höhenlinien auch auf dem Navi ganz normal.


    • extremecarver

      Bist du sicher dass du die Karten mit selber Vorgangsweise ans Oregon/Speicherkarte gesendet hast?
      Evtl hast du zu viele Karten auf der Speicherkarte! Beim Oregon 450 darfst du glaube ich nur 2025 Kacheln haben – gerade ein paar Original Garmin Karten haben allein schon 1000 Kacheln (vor allem ältere).

      • Thoralf Krahl

        Jetzt funktioniert es, aber die Sache ist mysteriös. Ich kann es kurz beschreiben:

        (1) Ich habe mir den neuesten Velomap Albanien runtergeladen und korrekt installert –> keine Höhenlinien in Labanien, aber in allen anderen Ländern.

        (2) Ich habe die große Deutschland-Karte von der Speicherkarte entfernt –> keine Höhenlinien in Labanien, aber in allen anderen Ländern.

        (3) Ich habe alle anderen Karten ebenfalls gelöscht außer Albenien, Montenegro und Kosovo –> korrekte Höhenlinen in Albanien und überall anders

        (4) Ich habe sukzessive alle Karten, die nach Schritt 1 drauf waren, wieder hinzugefügt (einfach wieder die IMG-Datei auf die Speicherkarte des Navis kopiert) –> korrekte Höhenlinen in Albanien und überall anders

        Fazit: Die Dateien nach Schritt 4 auf der Speicherkarte sind exakt die gleichen Dateien wie nach Schritt 1. Auf einmal funktioniert es, vorher hat es nicht funktioniert…. Äußers eigenartig.

        • Thoralf Krahl

          Au weia, so viele Tippfehler… :( :(( Kann ich das noch mal editieren?

          • extremecarver

            Hmm, bin ich mir nicht sicher (müsste mich dazu selber mal mit einem User Login anmelden). Aber da ob edit möglich sind oder nicht ändern werde ich eh nicht können (evtl geht es aus deinem Profil raus?). Wenn jetzt alles funktioniert – komisch. Wo du das jetzt so beschreibst – könnte ich mir vorstellen dass da FID doppelt belegt sind. Hattest du evtl noch andere Karten nicht von mir drauf? Wenn da die FID gleich ist kann sowas auch auftreten (bzw dann sollte die Karte eigentlich gar nicht geladen werden).

  • tn

    Hallo extremecarver,

    gibt es eigentlich eine eigene Karte von Georgien und bin ich etwa zu blind, um sie zu sehen? Die Europakarte schneidet den Landesteil oestlich von Tiflis ab.

    Dank fuer die klasse Arbeit && herzliche Gruesse,


  • kd

    mich wundert gerade, dass heute keine neuen Velomap-Karten für Windows erzeugt wurden. Auf dem FTP-Server sind die noch vom 26.12.14.

  • ANDRZEJ Keler

    Hi Felix,
    I have downloaded a veloasia with contourlines.The problem is I can see only points with the names of cities and main roads .There are no other detailes like rivers,lakes, even if I zoom the map on the city there is only a drop with the name of this city.
    After downloading the separate map of Azerbaijan ,to compare it with the same country of veloasia ,the result was the separate map was OK.
    What should I do to have a correct version of veloasia?
    christmas cheers

    • extremecarver

      please don’t use Mapsource except for sending maps. Contourlines are shown in Basecamp as on GPS devices…

      However the problem here is maybe that you switched of details – press CTRL-G to reenable. (also note Asia is three downloads – installer and overview map, map details and contourlines. You need all three!).

  • alnashab

    please I want to gat middle east maps or Arabian gulf maps??
    because I donate to get this maps only
    please help

  • Gilles Vieli

    Hello again,
    I noticed that the veloasia.exe file (dated 20.11.2014) is only 6MB big. Compared to veloiran.exe, that is 38MB, that seems a bit odd…
    Maybe my install problem is related to the exe and not to the 7z file..
    Hope it helps

    • extremecarver

      please see my reply before – this is due to the main content being now in veloasia.7z (I had to separate it due to 2GB limit of the installer) – i will link it soon. What you renamed to veloasia.7z is the contourlines – please don’t rename them. They are additional. It’s 3 downloads now instead of 2 but not possible otherwise with Nsis (and would be huge huge work for me to switch the installer).

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