About VeloMap.org

VeloMap.org is the new onroad bicycle map by Openmtbmap.org


VeloMap.org brings you the best map for casual cycling, commuting to work, or race cycling. Openmtbmap.org is one of the most used maps based on Openstreetmap and has focussed on hikers, mtbikers and cyclists. This however ment lots of additional information without much use for onroad cycling. Also Autorouting for cyclists can be still a lot better if one excludes small trail and tracks.

With the advent of VeloMap.Org maps, I changed the focus of the Openmtbmap to be much much more offroad focussed (so much gnarlier trails....) while offering a second map for normal cycling or roadbiking. With VeloMap.org maps, autorouting now works over much much longer distances. Some Features below:




Autorouting using  Mapsource 6.16 or Basecamp v3 up to 400km trip distance without via-points. Around 100-300km with Oregon/Dakota/new Generation etrex/GPSmaps. Up to 100km on old generation GPS like Legend/Vista HCx using small streets and cycleways.

Shorter Distance shorter than on any other Garmin map I have tried. Faster time again find nicer routes.


Map Layout

The maps appear a bit cleaner than the openmtbmaps. They are still 100% optimized for readability on GPS. This means high-contrast and on a big screen takes some time getting used to it. Be assured that on the GPS maps therefore are very well readable.



Please look onto the Download Page.




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