Why Use VeloMap maps for cycling?

  • High Contrast layout optimized for small size screen of Garmin GPS (1.8-4"). Clear differentiation between all street types. Separate low contrast Layout for tour planning on your PC/desktop.
  • Paved or Unpaved? Easy to spot road type. Bridges and tunnels shown. Cycle tracks and cycle lanes shown. Arrows for one way streets...... See the map legend for more.
  • Cycle relevant information like drinking water, city bike stations or bicycle shops searchable and shown prominently.
  • Cycle routes shown prominently BESIDES the streets differentiated by colour and size based on importance (other maps show cycle routes instead of streets so that you don't know what kind of street the route is on, bad for planning).
  • Navigation - Highly sophisticated Autorouting specialised for cycling. Don't cycle on big streets anymore because you got lost. The VeloMap focuses very strictly on road cycling, commuting and touring/trekking. Maps trying to focus for many purposes can never be as good.
  • Easy installation to Garmin Mapsource, Garmin Basecamp or Qlandkarte GT for on PC planning.
  • Good Documentation because everything you want and need to know for using the maps is found on VeloMap.org
  • Contourlines based on the best free (as in beer) data - viewfinderpanoramas.org - as separate download for most countries. Much higher quality in mountainous regions than the mostly used void filled SRTM3".
  • Map Incomplete? You can participate and Add missing to Openstreetmap. Every Week the maps become better and more complete! If you think anything "bicycle relevant" features are missing (but recorded and documented in OSM), drop a comment and I will try to add it.


New Here?:

Lots of information, don't get lost, Get Started!


Navigation - Find the shortest nice route -- or find the most cyclefriendly route.

Garmin offerst two seperate Autorouting modes supported by all GPS and Software. Shorter Distance will actually be shorter than on any other Garmin map I have tried (even though high traffic streets are avoided). Faster time finds nicer routes with even less traffic and makes some detours if needed. Autorouting using  Mapsource 6.16 or Basecamp v3 up to 200km trip distance without via-points. Around 100-150km with Oregon/Dakota/2010_Generation_etrex/GPSmaps. If you route over longer distances, cities are avoided except for cycleroutes crossing cities.  

Map Layout

Clean map layout 100% optimized for readability on GPS. Be assured that on the GPS maps therefore are very well readable. As for desktop use the layout has too much contrast, there is a second layout optimized for planning with Mapsource/Basecamp/Qlandkarte GT.


You can Improve the Maps!!

These maps are based on the freely available wikipedia like Openstreetmap Map Database. You should consider uploading your GPS tracks to openstreetmap and/or help out if you find errors or missing data.  There is a short introduction here listing the most relevant links to get you startet: Participate  

Who can make use of the maps?

The maps offered here are of course, currently primarily used by Garmin GPS users, but you don't need to have a Garmin GPS to use them. Qlandkarte GT an opensource and freely available Map Viewer can display them in all their pride, and also if not owning a Garmin GPS or buying maps from Garmin you can install the free Garmin Basecamp or Mapsource software and enjoy autorouting like you have not enjoyed before.  

Need a map for Mountainbiking or Hiking?

Head over to https://openmtbmap.org and get it. Whereas the Velomap showss non paved tracks and trails in very subtle colors, on the openmtbmap you can see difficulty gradings both for Up- and Downhill. Also mtb and hikingroutes are prominently shown.  

VeloMaps now offer the possibility to show 20m contourlines without buildings on PC/Mac/Linux

I updated the VeloMap compilation process to include an option to show 20m contourlines but no buildings. With gmapsupp.img downloads this has been possible now for over a year - however on your PC/Notebook you could only chose to have map without buildings and without contourlines.

Now there are the following choices for the VeloMaps:

  • Map without buildings and without contourlines
  • Map with 20m conturlines without buildings
  • Map with 20m contourliens including buidings
  • Map with 10m contourlines including buildings

Of course you can also install a separate buildings only map, 20m contourlines map and 10m contourlines map if you prefer to create your maps with Garmin MapInstall instead of using the gmapsupp.img downloads

VeloMap Installer Optionsfor 


For Linux - the corresponding mapset files are called mapsetxb* (while mapsetb are the buildings layer only).

I know the disadvantage of the separate buildings layer is that the buildinds are a transparent layer - this has the disadvantage that they are drawn above other objects. As I assume that about 50% of VeloMap users prefer a map without buildings - I put them in a separate layer for the VeloMap. People who want 10m contourlines (except maybe in very flat countries/areas) usually also want buildings so there is no 10m contourlines without buildings option. Each option increases the download sizes and compilation time - so the 4 options are really as much as I can reasonably offer.

For hiking and mountainbiking I think usually buildings are a great addition - so the OpenMTBMaps do not offer the separate buildings but always integrate them into the map.

The Europe continent Velomap from tomorrow will offer this too. Should there be any bugs with the installer - please drop me a message. But I hope I tested any eventuality (plus maps from yesterday or newer now have a bug removed in the "space required" amount which from time to time could show wrong value)


Spring 2022 – Updates for OpenMTBMap and VeloMap over the last months

Since 6 months I have not written an update over what changed for OpenMTBMaps and VeloMaps - so here we go. Compared to the last changes the updates were much more subtle to notice - and that's because most of it has been bugfixes on rather rarely happening problems or just updates to OSM keys/values changing.


Visually there have been two main changes - most recently - labels for alpine huts are now again (some Basecamp/GPS device updates changed this) - visual earlier, also for some peaks the labels now show a bit earlier - peaks and alpine huts are still the most important features for orientation in mountainous areas.:



I reworked the naming of hiking, mtb, or cycling routes - now the most important names go first but more route names won't be dropped if a way is part of two cycle routes for example as here - this was actually really hard to get done nicely by priority - so here the Internation Cycle Netwrok MV - Munich to Venice is first in name, followed by the National Cycle network R3 Innradweg - section Tiroler Unterland. I tried to remove tagging errors/pecularities like the R3 ref being doubled here - but it is not possible to get rid of the double naming in any case (problem here is that the ref is R3, and the name incorrectly R3 Innradweg - instead of only Innradweg):



I just recently added Venezuela and Great Britain and Ireland as new countries. The Great Britain and Ireland map includes the channel islands that were removed from the normal Great Britain and Northern Island map before. Also other outlying islands of Great Britain are included in this map removing the need for using the Europe map.


This week I will update the buildings layer for the VeloMaps - so if you integrate the buildings in Basecamp/PC you will need to update the layer too.


Residential areas were not named with the name of the city they belong to. Now it's quicker to see what city an area belongs to if inside a city.


Other fixes are pretty minor - some examples: add ref to name of emergency access points, bridges on highway=footway (not highway=path) that are part of a hiking route but not part of a cycling or mtb route where not routable. As usually highway=path is used this error was very rare where it mattered. Remove ref from streets in Korea as it caused confusion. Various fixed to the create.... scripts. For some weeks the openmtbmap gmapsupp.img downloads did not have correctly working address search. Improvements for camp sites / caravan sites and their display due to new osm naming schemes. Some improvmeents on housenumbers and address search, remove some crazy tagging of natural=basin in Slovakia that was not following the tagging standards anywhere else. And many other small fixes.