Sorry for delayed Updates

Sorry for not having updated the maps over 3 weeks now. 6 weeks ago I started to order a new code signing certificate - but I had problems fulfilling the requirements and now that since 2 weeks I have all the requirements done - Sectigo is still not validating my data. So today I decided to push updates through without signed installers and signing of other files.

This will surely cause antivirus programs and windows download shield to go havoc. I hope I can get the certificate soon but Sectigo seems unable to work with simple problems as my address once being in English translation and once in romanized script (Istanbul vs Istanmpoul) and the street number (not house or door number) once being there - once not - things which in Cyprus are confusing as every authority has it's own take on how they will publish the address.

For Mac OSx, gmapsupp.img downloads this nearly doesn't matter - but I could not change the map creation procedure to take out the .exe installers for windows so I had decided to wait hoping for a certificate being issued any day...

Well I will now restart the weekly updates - and hopefully soon be able to sign all the files that can be signed again.


Otherwise besides updated map data the bash/batch files had some bugs and some other minor stuff besides updated map data.


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