New – Premium Gmapsupp.img – directly for Garmin GPS units

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As Garmin does not seem to fix MapInstall on Windows anytime soon – I’ve now also made all countries except Europe continent and Asia continent (they are too big) available as gmapsupp.img download – which after unpacking – you can directly move onto your GPS device.

Actually for Mac OS x – there is a new version of Basecamp 4.8.3 – which includes MapInstall 4.3.1 beta – and according to first info I have received – that seems to be fine and send maps without problems. If I don’t here of problems soon – I will also update the articles on the website and remove the warnings for Mac OS x users.


Directly using gmapsupp.img downloads . you lose the possibility to only upload a part of a map to your device as you could do using MapInstall (or Mapsource for Windows users). The advantage is that you can very quickly change the layout (on both Windows, as well as Mac OS x or Linux), and that it’s the quickest and easiest way.

If you want to use the maps for planning on your desktop – then you will need the Desktop map too or instead. Note: If you plan a route in Basecamp on your desktop – you should use exactly the same map on your device (so same date, same country – but Unicode/Non Unicode does not matter – so you could use Non Unicode map on your GPS device if needed, and Unicode map on your Desktop/Notebook)


The Gmapsupp.img downloads are available for all countries/continents except for Europe continent map and Asia continent map – which are simply too big.

The contourlines are packed into separate gmapsupp.img files – so when updating you do not need to download them again.

The downloads come with scripts included for easy changing of the layout. The scripts run on Microsoft Windows (cmd.exe) respectively Apple Mac OS x and Linux (bash). This way you can adapt the layout of both the contourlines and the maps themselves. For everyone who had problems with too thick or too thin contourlines on his Garmin GPS device – this opens up a quick solution.


The gmapsupp.img downloads are available for free to all active OpenMTBMap respective VeloMap Members.


5 comments to New – Premium Gmapsupp.img – directly for Garmin GPS units


    Hello Felix,

    After receiving the info about changes of Mapinstall I am in a dark hole.

    I have planned to go to the US, the traces and some routes are ready but now I have problem how to send the maps of the US to my gps device ( Dakota 20).

    Reading your info I am not able to find the solution and even don’t find the maps of North America.

    My softwer : Windows 8.1, Base Camp 4.6.2 , Mapinstall from 2016 March

    Looking for your help,


    • extremecarver

      There is no map of North America – you have to scroll down to North America continent – and then you find several US maps and a map of Canada. (you could also downgrade Mapinstall instead of using the gmapsupp.img files). They are only available in local language – as local is english anyhow – so do not look in the english section!

  • okraftdd

    Hallo. Weiß jemand spontan, ob die Karte für die Garmin fenix 5x Plus interessant ist?


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