VeloMaps available again

VeloMaps are now again available for download. After about 2 weeks of no updates the map creation process seems to be fixed (well according to the devs responsible for the server that renders the maps it is not really sure how long it will work and their is work on changing the process to make it more reliable).

Therefore here are the most relevant changes that happened over the last 4 weeks:

Slightly higher priority for icn,ncn and rcn cycle networks (lcn not changed) - biggest effect will be noticeable when the gps is working in motorcar/motorcycle setting. Should affect long distance routing for the good. On this map update (5.01.2011) routing has gone really bad though. I'm trying to bug it out so it will improve over the next days (currently have no local installation for rendering the velomap so I can quickly try out changes).

Addition of some new OSM keys like natural=bedrock, also cliffs will not be shown as areas anymore (except if area=yes...). On top I added some stupid nonducumented values for bicycle - as they are used according to tagwatch. Display ferry_terminals (had a typo before) and display surface=sand polygons and some more. National parks are now more or less transparent, in order to show the topography over the legal status. Also natural=basin & basin=* values are now differentiated.

Older changes not yet mentioned here:

26.11: After the big changes of the last two weeks, this time nothing major changed, except for adjusting the typfiles to show correct labels in Qlandkarte GT for all items that had no name assigned, and addition of german translations for many things into the typfile (note this only has any effect, if no name is given or exists in OSM.

19.11: I pushed trough many little enhancements trying to catch wrong sac_scale values and directly bin them, or in some cases add sac_scale and tracktype shortcut into the mapname, to give a clearer picture of a way (well better add mtb:scale instead, but for all ways where this essential info is missing....) - Also now all typfiles are for POI / Polygons in English and German, if no name is preset.

11.11: Some more cities displayed in lower resolutions


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