Recent Developments

I have updated the Velomap to make use of the latest redesign that I spent on the openmtbmap layout. Meaning it will become much cleaner to look at and easier to distinguish the important stuff. Already since bout 1 week the POI and Polygons were updated, Tomorrows update should bring much clearer cycleway=* optics and better oneway treatment. Also some more stuff for cleaner map layout got implemented. I hope there'll be no bugs (like invisible roads), cause I had to move around quite a lot of stuff in the .TYP-file.

Also after last weeks trouble all countries but Germany seem to render fine again. Sorry that I won't solve Germany, but I cannot see what's going wrong on the server. This means you'll have to download europe instead if you need whole Germany....

EDIT 11.11. --now all maps are fine - also Germany

To read up what has changed in the openmtbmap and got now implemented in the velo map too - look here:

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