VeloMaps will be updated and working by 16.2.

Just a short note, will extend it later. I decided to compile the VeloMaps myself - and host them together with the openmtbmaps on GWDG for download. That means the VeloMaps get the much better Openmtbmap installer and will be updated once weekly or so.

First countries are uploaded already waiting to be synced at 03:00 from GWDG. Most countries will not be online however before 16.2 4AM though.

Update: I have changed the downnload links on the download page. Maps should be available by Wednesday 16. Feb. 5AM. Contourline map integration is not yet working.


The installer already has the option for the Mapsource/Qlandkarte GT typfile, but I have not yet adapted it for the VeloMaps. Might do that once I feel like I want to do it. Twas already bout 8hrs of work changing my scripts so that the VeloMaps can be rendered in the same go with the Openmtbmaps.


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