11. May Map Updates – New Overview Map

Well finally after many years of empty overview maps, since a few weeks (as written in my last posts) mkgmap was able to write simple overviewmaps. So much faster zooming/panning when zoomed out fast in Mapsource, Basecamp, QLandkarteGT. From todays map update onwards, the overview map now has several layers. This makes the orientation when zoomed out far, still a lot better.


Therefore I also update the Europe map again, because on large area maps, this is even more important. However not only is it faster now on the desktop - but also on the GPS the basemap will become visible earlier, making zooming out work much faster (before I always had to compromise between speed on GPS, vs speed on Desktop, not anymore). Therefore however again I had to add some types to the .typ-file (0x11f04, 0x11f05, 0x10f0a).


Besides the work on the overview map, I will start to work on a worldwide basemap. The problem is that currently some Garmin GPS come with a routeable basemap, in some cases this destructs the routing of detailed maps, like openmtbmaps and velomaps. I will try to create a good basemap, that can go in combination with velomaps/openmtbmap showing the most important map features there are (rivers, lakes, sea, huge cities, borders, motorways, maybe some major railways...).


Fixed bug that Ireland and Northern Ireland was not updated over the last 3 weeks.

Further changes:

add bridge=culvert and bridge=boardwalk.

fix some more bugs related to autorouting in velomap/openmtbmap

and some more little bugfixes...


the new overview map at 150km zoomed out, Detail level High. Very fast...

Overview Map Germany, 150km, Zoomlevel High


5 comments to 11. May Map Updates – New Overview Map

  • Alfred Jenni

    Besten Dank! Nun ist alles klar.

  • Alfred Jenni

    Guten Tag
    Ich finde erstmals diese Pfeilsymbole und weisss nicht, was diese bedeuten. Kann mich jemand informieren?
    Besten Dank.


  • Anne Poe

    I must be really dense. I can’t even find a way to post a question in the members’ area. So I am asking it here.
    Trying to create a route on the New Zealand south Island premium map. Have changed activity profile in every possible manner and see the changes it can make. I am tour cycling, but I have changed to other settings. Sections of the route will not follow the main road, and in two cases, it follows no road at all…just goes cross country. Have placed plenty of waypoints to give the router a sense of direction. Is this a basecamp problem or am I not using correct settings for the activity profile?
    Also switching to driving or motorcycle creates a straight line instead of following the road.
    Thanks in advance.

    • extremecarver

      Well the map tries to guide you over small streets/ways. It will never guide you over no ways however (except if you use direct routing – which means basically just an enhanced track).
      See: https://www.velomap.org/velomaporg/autorouting/
      If you want to stick to rather big streets select “avoid unpaved roads” and “avoid toll roads”. Use mode “shorter distance” and not faster time. I would select motorcar as profile and make sure “residential roads” avoidance is NOT activated!.

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