Kartensätze mit mkgmap erstellen (Cross-Platform)


Mit Mkgmap Karten ans GPS senden

Create gmapsupp.img using the create batches - Windows only

Windows users will find in the map installation folder several batch files - which automatically generate a gmapsupp.img file. You can place this on your GPS device to see the maps. Maps can never be installed directly on your GPS device - gut you need to place the gmapsupp.img on the device or better the microSD memory card. Creating/placing the gmapsupp.img file is usually called sending maps to your GPS device.

Note - there are two create_gmapsupp.img batch files - However I recommend you to use the create_gmapsupp_img_with_mkgmap.bat batch file - Only this can create the address index for the map. If you use the create_gmapsupp_img.bat batch file - your map will not have an address index on your GPS device. You can still search for POI  - Places of Interest - but not for addresses.

Only advanced Garmin users should use the batch files, they are handy because they are very quick. But you should know the basics about how to use Garmin GPS devices very well. You also cannot select the region you want to send - so it is useful for quickly sending e.g. a map of Germany - or Austria. It's not possible to send the full map of Europe this way (Garmin GPS devices only accept FAT32 - so 4GB max filesize). Also note - the allowed number of maptiles on your Device is 2025 or 4096 depending on the model. I do not recommend to have more than 2-8GB of maps installed on your device MicroSD card - first the boot times will get slow - second you might hit the tile limit - third the POI search will get slow - forth you might get confused and activate more than one routeable map...


Use Mkgmap to send maps to your GPS (useful for advanced Linux users)

I know that many of you dislike closed source programs, I do that too (with the exception that for now I still dualboot to windows because of Garmin Mapsource and some other programs, otherwise I am on the good Ubuntu side of the world)!

However you can also use mkgmap for sending the maps.

1. Get and install mkgmap . Note that Java is required (Sun Java JDK is recommended). I would advise to go with the latest release or compile from source with ANT.

2. a) Now combine all .img and  One  .TYP (decide on only one of them - .TYP has to be in UPPERCASE.)  with the following command from the folder where the maps are extracted to:

(Of course you could also define the .img files by folder, and you probably have to add the path wo mkgmap) This will create a gmapsupp.img file, that you can upload to your GPS in USB mode (place it into /garmin folder on GPS internal memory or memory card)

Note that all 6*.img have to be from the same velomap country file - otherwise only one "country" will show in proper colours. You can instead of deleting all but one typfile replace *.TYP with e.g. clas*.TYP or the full name like clasde.TYP.

-–family-id should be the same number as the first 4 digits of the maps (if you use a different number, you have to adjust the FID inside the .TYP-file). Note every map on your gps needs a different family-id (else they won't be shown).

-–family-name can be set to any value (only use letters and numbers, no Umlauts or symbols) and will be shown as mapname on the GPS maplist.

2 b) if you want to have contourlines (altitude lines) included too, just change the above command from "6*.img" to "6*.img 7*.img" and put the *.img from the contourline download into the same folder before running the above command.


It is now also possible to include several maps with different .TYP files at the same time with mkgmap - the command will get more complex however (read mkgmap mailinglist/docs on how to do this as I have never tried it)!

Alternatively run 2. for each mapset (e.g. "velomap austria", or "Garmin City Navigator" on its own, and then combine the maps with gmaptool


Alternatives for Linux / Mac OSX users

0. You can use gmt (gmaptool) instead.

1. You could also try to use Qlandkarte GT to send the maps to your GPS. Note you may have to compile drivers for your GPS by hand.

2. Alternatively use Mapsource from inside WINE, To send maps put a symbolic link for the driver:
ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
you will need admin rights.

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