New – Premium Gmapsupp.img – directly for Garmin GPS units

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As Garmin does not seem to fix MapInstall on Windows anytime soon – I’ve now also made all countries except Europe continent and Asia continent (they are too big) available as gmapsupp.img download – which after unpacking – you can directly move onto your GPS device.

Actually for Mac OS x – there is a new version of Basecamp 4.8.3 – which includes MapInstall 4.3.1 beta – and according to first info I have received – that seems to be fine and send maps without problems. If I don’t here of problems soon – I will also update the articles on the website and remove the warnings for Mac OS x users.


Directly using gmapsupp.img downloads . you lose the possibility to only upload a part of a map to your device as you could do using MapInstall (or Mapsource for Windows users). The advantage is that you can very quickly change the layout (on both Windows, as well as Mac OS x or Linux), and that it’s the quickest and easiest way.

If you want to use the maps for planning on your desktop – then you will need […]

Do NOT Update to Basecamp v 4.7.0!

Sorry this is just a quick message – but because it’s kinda important and may cause a lot of confusion – I send out this short newsletter.

Update – see here for up to date instructions how to downgrade:

Garmin released a new version of Basecamp – 4.7.0 – in order to remove many features that were not in accordance with the GDPR regulation. Actually it’s not that 4.6.2 is wrong here – it’s that there were a few web services – that Garmin switched off – and those were interlinked into 4.6.2 – so that actually in 4.6.2 some functionality is not working anymore – I could on a quick check however not discover any actual difference otherwise in relation to the GDPR regulations – so 4.6.2 is no different in this regard to 4.7.0 – well and new privacy page/EULA of course).

Now the problem is – Basecamp 4.7.0 also ships an updated version of Garmin MapInstall – and that version is broken in so far that it does not send any maps in .img format anymore! This also applies to original garmin maps. I have some old Garmin Topo Austria and Garmin City Navigator […]