2. POI -- implemented since end of April

3. New Countries -- problems with new continents - seems to be in their data. Once more people try to compile Asia or Australia/Oceania I hope things will get better

4. Quick Lookup regarding openstreetmap and mountainbike features

5. Contourlines for more countries - very soon - Some more still to follow

6. Explain how to use Garmin Outdoor PNAs for beginners.

7. Send Maps with mkgmap done

8. Offer .Typ Files for giving the maps a different design, better readability. I will still change some attributes before doing this.

9. Differentiate Landuse (get more different landuses) - currently showns as landuse=other

10. Better design for - Frontpage will be reworked once more soon

11. Better Autorouting Implemented. Now two modes available. Bicycle (check avoid toll roads) or Mtb/Hiking (leave "avoid toll roads" unchecked). This point is of course allways reworked for better results when new map building technologies come up.

12. Different speed/priority for ways not rideable uphill on a MTB instead of making them Downhill (oneway) only. Timeframe hopefully late September

13. Make the sea blue. I think this will happen quite soon. Code is already in mkgmap trunk, but still pretty buggy.

14 Major Bugs that are not yet sorted in mkgmap: 100% correct address index, non empty overview map, better support for Umlauts.

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